Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup | Ride to BR Hills

Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup | Ride to BR Hills

Hello guys!! Today i’m sharing u my experience on Bengaluru Motovloggers Meetup. As you seen my last motovloggers meetup video we did a breakfast ride to Swathi Delicacy (See last meetup), but this time we planned to move little further. Yes we planned to BR Hills(See Listing View). If you want to watch video directly then scroll down.

About BR hills (Biligirirangana Betta)

Biligirirangana Hills also popularly called BR Hills. The area is called Biligiriranganatha Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary (BRT Wildlife Sanctuary). It is situated in the Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka. This place is 40kms from Chamarajanagar city, 30kms from Kollegal, 82kms from Mysore and 180kms from Bengaluru. This place is a heaven between the Western and the Eastern Ghats with wonderful floral and fauna. Monsoon is just equal to heaven here.

The hills are covered with more than 800 species of plant life and home for many medicinal plants as well. There are variety of wild animals and different species of birds. One can spend a good time watching and taking pictures of wild animals and birds.

BR Hills is also famous for Biligiriranga Swamy Temple, one who visits BR Hills will definitely visit this temple. Another attraction here is K. Gudi which is very near by and lodge available for tourists.

Ride to BR Hills

We had a first meetup point at Kanakpura road where Nice road exits at 6:15AM. I left home at 5:45 AM and Dino(Cerebral Biker) was waiting at Sumanahalli. We both left n took Nice Road, there again Bengaluru Rider was waiting at Toll. We all reached first meetup point at 6:15 AM. There few riders and Motovloggers were waiting. Many were new motovloggers and i met them for first time. Everyone reached this meetup point by 6:45 AM n we started our ride. Twitch2Neutral, Orange Tourer, BigBang Biker, Graveyard Shift, Swamynathan, RydoGear, puneeth were in this ride.

As usual my bike is underpowered compared to all the bikes in our group i was at the last position. But Cerebral Biker with his Duke 390 was riding with me in the whole journey 🙂 We had breakfast at Vasu hotel in Kanakpura. Hotel was not that much good but it was heavily crowded. As i saw in the whole journey we could not find much hotels like as we see in National Highways. But no issues we planned before itself to have breakfast at Vasu hotel.

When ever we stop for breakfast i like the way we park the bikes 🙂 Then continued the ride. On the way we all took few breaks n clicked few photos as well. Complete route was single roads, i mean single lane roads(State Highway). So my bike speed was not that much great. I was cruising at 70 to 80 km/h. Till the check point of BR Hills journey was good, but from checkpoint to top of the hill it was an amazing ride. Road was fantastic and best for cornering as well. It was kind of a wild forest thought but could not fine any wild animals! Finally we reached BR Hills at 11 AM. Everyone were happy with the ride and bit dehydrated, so all took water n soft drinks.

All visited the temple n came by 12 PM. So for few minutes we all had few discussions and started to leave the place. We left at 1:00 PM. From here it was not group ride, all spread themselves. First big bikes went(Mojo, D390, Royal Enfield), Behind them i left but could not catch anyone. So it was like doing solo from checkpoint to home! Yes i did solo from BR Hills checkpoint to home. Behind me there were other riders with RS200, NS 200, Duke 200, Gixxer SF. Finally reached home at 4:45 PM.

I was still strong n could do more 100+ kms easily. Whole journey i just did 410kms. It was not a big one for me but for my bike it seems to be big! So thats it, this was my small experience of riding to BR Hills n meeting new friends in my life. Hope we all ride together in future aswell 🙂

Tour Plan

Route : Bengaluru -> Kanakpura -> Malavalli -> Kollegal -> BR Hills

Total Distance : 180kms(one way), 360kms(Both way)

Riders in this trip

  1. CalmRider Bengaluru(Myself) – Bajaj Discover 150s
  2. Cerebral Biker – KTM Duke 390
  3. Bengaluru Rider – Suzuki Gixxer SF
  4. BigBang Biker – Mahindra Mojo
  5. RydoGear – Pulsar RS200
  6. Twitch2Neutral – KTM Duke 200
  7. Graveyard Shift – Pulsar NS200
  8. Swamynathan – Pulsar AS200
  9. Puneeth – KTM Duke 390


I’m UI/UX Designer by profession, traveller and passionate motorcycle rider. I keep calm and twist the throttle to remove the problems! Where ever the destination is or how long it is I take my bike there!

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