Simple tips to get better mileage from your bike

Simple tips to get better mileage from your bike

Mileage is the one thing which we think more than once when we are going to buy bike. Even after buying fuel efficient bike mileage is not satisfying! Yes even i was thinking too much about mileage. But still bike doesn’t matter, the only thing matters is “how we ride”. Today i’ll list out few points on my experience basis which will help you to get better mileage in your bike.

Avoid rash riding

Usually we ride rash when we are late to office right!? Please do avoid this. I’m not saying to avoid fast riding but i’m suggesting to avoid rash riding, in the sense we throttle up at higher RPM and brake hard. When ever we throttle up at higher RPM fuel is more consumed and when we brake hard those fuel consumed are wasted. So its better to ride at lower RPM and shift gear at appropriate speeds.

Maintain well and service your bike periodically

Maintaining your bike is one of the good habbit. Clean your bike regularly, especially engine part. Check tyre pressure when ever your are going for a ride. Tyre pressure is very important, if tyre pressure is low then you will lose lot of petrol because engine need more effort to pull the bike if tyre air pressure is low. Service your bike periodically. Changing engine oil will help engine to run smoother.

Fill good quality of petrol

This is also very important, filling good quality of petrol will help a lot increasing in fuel economy. I always prefer shell petrol pump. I found better fuel economy after started refueling here. If petrol is not a good quality one then there will drop in mileage. Feed petrol to your bike in the mornings and avoid filling in the noon and afternoon time because at that time you will get less fuel because of fuel expansion due to heating.

Avoid traffic

This is one major thing to lose your fuel economy. In traffic we shift gears frequently and ride at lower gears with applying too much of brakes. Try to avoid and take short cuts. If not try to ride with lower RPM. When ever the signal is more than 30sec switch off your bike.


  • Obey Traffic rules.
  • Start engine and wait for at least 15 seconds to warm up the bike.
  • Fill good quality of petrol.
  • Drive at steady speed.
  • Maintain correct tyre pressure.
  • Ride at lower RPM.
  • Shift gears at proper required speeds.
  • Adjust drive chain tension correctly and regularly clean the chain.
  • Get your bike serviced regularly.


  • Do not ride bike at lower gears, if you have 5 gears ride at 5th gear and not all the way at 1,2 gears.
  • Do not keep the clutch lever pressed while driving.
  • Do not run the engine in low gear for long times.
  • Do not park your motorcycle under direct sunlight as it causes evaporation of petrol.
  • Do not keep brake pedal pressed while riding.
  • Do not raise the engine rpm during traffic halts, switch “OFF” the engine if the halt is more than 30 seconds.
I’m UI/UX Designer by profession, traveller and passionate motorcycle rider. I keep calm and twist the throttle to remove the problems! Where ever the destination is or how long it is I take my bike there!

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